How to plant gold celebration to shine your garden?

This article mainly recommends this climbing rose, the golden celebration, and how to grow this climbing rose to brighten your garden.

Usually, people like to choose climbing roses for their personal garden. This piece recommends a type of climbing rose who climbs quickly, has many flowers and is also a symbol of wealth and joy. Its name is Golden Celebration. It is thrilling and eye-catching!

golden celebration

It is not difficult for planting the golden celebration, especially choosing the ground planting, we only need to choose the right environment to enjoy the continuous blooming of flowers in the three stages of spring, summer and autumn, one after another. Of course, if you want the plants to be free from environmental restrictions and to bloom all year round, the best way to cultivate them is the potted plants. But in the process of planting, we need to prepare the flower stand to meet the needs of the climbing wall.

In addition to preparing suitable flower pots and flower stands, we also need to work on the following details! Golden celebration likes loose, breathable and fertile weakly acidic soil. When preparing the soil, if you directly spend money to buy it, you can purchase general nutritious soil for roses.

Ratio of soil and sand for planting gold celebration climbing roses:

If you choose to configure it yourself, you need to mix needle soil, fine sand, and ordinary garden soil in the ratio of 3:2:3 after exposure to the sun, sterilization and disinfection!

Climbing rose likes a warm and sunny environment. During the growing period, we need to tie the vine to the flower stand as the vine grows to ensure that there are enough gaps between the vine and the vine to see the light and air.

golden celebration roses

Temperature is important for golden celebration climbing roses:

At the same time, climbing roses can quickly grow flowers and leaves in a high temperature environment. Generally, when the ambient temperature is higher than 15°C, if the rose is given more than 6 hours of natural light every day, the plant can grow in a suitable environment, quickly grow a large number of flower buds and bloom beautiful flowers to meet our vision.

Control PH of soil by adding soil conditioner for golden celebration climbing roses:

The pH of the soil will change with time and the development of plants, so you need to pay attention to the changes in soil quality during the golden celebration of potted cultivation.

Especially after planting roses for half a year, it is often necessary to add a soil conditioner at an interval of one to two months to stabilize the soil quality and use some base fertilizer to enhance the fertility of the soil to ensure that the soil is always in a loose, breathable and fertile status, which can meet the growth and booming of the golden celebration climbing roses.

golden celebration rose

Potted plant method of golden celebration climbing roses:

As a potted plant, when the soil is in good condition, the golden celebration of growing roses is basically half the success. However, if you want to ensure the safety of its life and the normal operation of subsequent development and flowering, it usually needs reasonable watering to avoid the phenomenon of water accumulation and root rot.

Generally, the watering of the soil needs to abide by the rules of watering when it is dry and not watering when it is not dry. However, because the flower pot itself has its own drainage holes, as long as it is not blocked, it can continuously excrete excess water in the soil, so we need to lay a layer of crushed stone over the drainage holes before filling the soil.

In addition, the branches and leaves of the golden celebration of climbing roses grow relatively fast, so for the ornamental value of potted plants, it is usually necessary to prune a part of the branches and leaves from time to time to ensure smooth ventilation between the branches and leaves and can normally breed flower buds . Generally, it is necessary to do it at least once a month, and if there are too many dead flowers and dead branches on the vine after the flowers fade, we also need to prune them in time to reduce the unnecessary metabolic consumption of the plants.

Of course, even in the blooming state, we can prune the flowers together with some branches, because the flowers are directly cultivated by hydroponics, and they can generally maintain their peak appearance within 20 to 30 days, satisfying people’s vision. Usually, the length of the branches carried by flowers at this moment is more than 10cm, and most of the leaves should be retained. At the same time, the bottom end of the branches needs to be cut obliquely in the hydroponic environment to ensure that there is a large enough area to be in direct contact with water.

rose golden celebration

At the same time, it is also necessary to clean up all the leaves that have penetrated into the water to prevent water pollution. In addition, during the period of hydroponic flowers, you need to change the water every 2 to 3 days, and always place it in a place with sufficient diffuse light, avoiding direct light!

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