How to plant pink eden climbing roses to bloom several times in a year?

This article mainly introduce how to plant pink eden climbing rose to realize to reblooming several times in a year by choosing the size of seedlings, explain how long the pink eden climbing rose can reflower well, the prevention of pests and disease, and how to do a good job in the prevention of pests and diseases.

  1. Learn which size of pink eden climbing rose seedlings you should choose:
  2. How long the pink eden climbing rose can rebloom well?
  3. Do a good job in the prevention of pests and diseases:
pink eden climbing rose

Rose is a very common flowering plant. There are many varieties. You can choose climbing rose, shrub rose, miniature rose or etc. If the family has a yard, it is recommended to plant climbing rose. You can pull pink eden rose climbing roses into the shape of an arch, a style column, flower wall or etc. In all, it is very spectacular when it blooms.

Among the climbing roses, my favorite type is the pink eden climbing roses. The petals are white on the outside and pink on the inside. It looks like a very girlish pink. The petals are wrapped in layers, and the shape of the flowers is particularly beautiful, which is inexplicably attractive. However, many flower friends said that the pink eden climbing roses were beautiful, but they can only bloom for one season a year, and the flowering time is too short. This shortcoming makes many flower friends dislike it, because the reason why the rose is called a climbing rose is because It can “bloom on the moon”. Although it is a bit exaggerated to say “blooming on the moon”, the pink eden climbing rose can bloom multiple times a year as long as you care well.

Before I planted pink eden climbing roses, I also thought that it could only bloom for one season, but just because I liked this color, I bought 2 large seedlings, and after planting them for a few years, I found that pink pink eden climbing roses can re-flower, although the second time is not as large as the spring flower, it can still re-flower. This may be related to the geographical environment. Not all pink eden climbing roses can re-flower, but flower lovers can try these maintenance tips below.

pink eden climber rose

Learn which size of pink eden climbing rose seedlings you should choose:

If you want to plant a pink eden climbing roses to re-flower,  you need a large seedling plant, usually at least 3 years old. Comparatively, the small seedling will be weaker, after a wave of spring flowers, the small plant condition is relatively poor. Thus, It is more difficult to re-flower. Due to the large seedlings have accumulated more nutrients,  after the first flowers are bloomed and some nutrients are consumed, the plants will not be in a weak state.

How long the pink eden climbing rose can rebloom well?

If you want pink eden climbing roses to come back every year and re-bloom, you generally need to plant them at home for 2 years and adapt to the environment. There may be a small amount of re-blooming in the first year, but if you want to achieve real re-blooming, you generally need to wait 1-2 years. After the plant’s root system is firmly established and accustomed to the planting environment, the flowers can be re-flowered better. Due to the temperature and light in the maintenance environment are different, and the colors of the pink eden climbing roses are different, even if it is the same pink eden climbing rose. Flowers may vary in shades of color.

pretty in pink eden climbing rose

Do a good job in the prevention of pests and diseases:

After the first flowering period in spring, it will enter the hot and sultry weather. At this time, the plants are prone to diseases and insect pests, such as common red spiders, leaf spot diseases and etc. These diseases and insect pests will cause a large area of leaves to fall. The photosynthesis of the plant will be weakened, and after the photosynthesis is weakened, it will be difficult for the plant to bloom again. Using pesticides is a good way to prevent pest and diseases, but if you want to completely eliminate all kinds of pests in flower cultivation, it is not enough to use pesticides alone. At the same time, you need to use tobacco soaked in water for spraying, and the insecticidal effect will be more thorough.

The re-flowering of pink eden climbing rose has a lot to do with nutrients, and fertilization is also very particular. Nitrogen fertilizer should not be applied. Nitrogen fertilizer will make it grow branches and leaves quickly, but it will not bloom. It is recommended to use organic fertilizer + compound fertilizer + phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. Use organic fertilizer about 3 times a year, once in winter and once in early spring. When the plants start to grow, the third time is after the flowers bloom in spring. It is shallowly buried on the surface of the potting soil. The plant provides fertility and can also enhance the resistance of the plant; Use organic fertilizer once after the spring flowers have failed this time, and then use compound fertilizer after an interval of 20 days to a month.

pretty in pink eden climber rose

A compound fertilizer with a balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is sprinkled on the surface of the pot soil. It is used once every half a month. Pay attention to applying thin fertilizers frequently. When small buds are found on the top of the branches, increase the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, potassium dihydrogen phosphate or Huaduoduo 2 No., after being diluted with 1200 times of liquid with water, spraying leaves and irrigating roots are carried out, which is conducive to flower bud differentiation.

After reading the above chapters, you have learned how to plant pink eden climbing roses bloom again, and I also wish flower lovers to plant a large wall of pink eden climbing roses .

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