How to use those four types of climbing roses to create a fairy feeling wall?

This article mainly introduces four types of climbing roses, and how to use these types of climbing roses to create a flower wall with a fairy tale world.

Four types of climbing roses:

  1. Eden climbing rose
  2. Rosa Parade
  3. Golden Celebration
  4. Rouge

Eden climbing rose

This variety of eden climbing rose is very “willful” when it blooms. They raise their heads slightly, but the flowers are too heavy and they will bend slightly, which is also more subtle.

The flowers are relatively large, like pink. The whole flower bud looks like the more concentrated place, the pink is a little heavier, a bit like red, and the outer part is lighter in color, the whole flower looks like its name, beautiful!

 eden climbing roses

Rosa Parade

The rosa parade are more used on some high-climbing walls, on the door of the house, which is just like its name, many colors of flowers are in parade, a street is full of this variety, a glance Look, isn’t it just a parade of climbing roses?

rosa parade

Golden Celebration

The flower of this variety is as festive as its own name, the golden yellow flowers, big, round, very dazzling, they come together as if they are celebrating a major and beautiful festival. Look at the golden celebration climbing roses every day just like spend a festival every day. This golden celebration climbing rose is really worth planting.

Golden Celebration


The name of such a vintage climbing rose called rouge is really nice. This rose is just like its own name, it is pink and refreshing, just like the ancient ladies with a little rouge on their faces, light makeup, very beautiful, very fresh, not vulgar at all.

The flowers of the rouge button rose are small and faint, and they are gathered together, giving a natural and fresh temperament.

 Rouge climbing roses

How do these four types of climbing roses create a flower wall with a fairy tale world?

In the park and on some streets with a strong regional style, you will see the shadows of these four types of climbing roses. They grow “unscrupulously”, and the blooming flowers have an intoxicating fragrance. This is the “main battlefield” of climbing roses. If you look closely, you will find that the climbing roses with different colors and shapes belong to different varieties.

According to some experienced florists, there are many varieties of climbing roses, maybe more than eight types. This is really a “bumper harvest” of roses, and it is also a “big family”. Each variety grows very “free and easy” and has its own uniqueness. The climbing rose generally likes to climb, give it a support, even if it is a concrete wall, it can climb very high along the wall, mainly because its climbing ability is very strong in a year or two. You can jump out of three or four meters, you can think about it, it is almost as high as two floors! 

If you give climbing rose a fence of iron mesh, it can follow the entire fence, climb unscrupulously, and grow in a “radial” shape, the number of flowers will be amazing, and the number of flowers on a branch can become hundreds of them. In fact, the climbing roses are easy to maintain. In order to have more flowers and a longer flowering period, you can use some fertilizer. In the spring, you can water more dry places, so that the maintenance is good enough.

In fact, after the flowers bloom, we can often prune the flowering branches to let the whole plant breathe, so that the rose can grow better, and the cut flowers do not need to be wasted. Find a vase to put them in, which is a very beautiful decoration thing!

Now it is also the best time to plant, friends who love flowers and plants, don’t miss it! Plant it now, and soon you will see romantic and lovely flowers blooming, adding unique colors to your life next spring.

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