Why you need to plant red eden climbing roses?


The red eden climbing rose is a vigorous, disease-resistant climbing rose with large, fragrant, deep color flowers. It blooms in clusters of up to five flowers from late spring to early fall. The foliage is dark green and glossy. This rose is ideal for growing on walls, fences, trellises, balcony, yard and garden. It can be planted in zone 6.

This article lists five reasons that red eden climbing roses are worth you to grow in your garden, yard or balcony. After you know the pros and methods of growing red eden climbing rose, you can make a decision whether you need to plant them.

Table of contents:

  1. Large flower output  
  2. Fast growing  
  3. Long flower blooming period
  4. Easy to care
  5. Can grow under high or low temperature
red eden climbing rose

Large flower output  

The advantage of the red eden climbing rose is that it has a lot of flowers, and it can quickly grow into a prosperous posture. The flower fragrance is strong and charming, and the radiation is far away. The flower color is bright and the adaptability is strong.  

These flowers produced by red eden climbing roses are medium-sized, with a diameter of about eight to ten centimeters. The flower shape is cup-shaped, round and full. You can see this flower with more than eighty petals. When bloom, you can see its high output. Even after the flowers bloom, they are also very beautiful.

rose red eden

Fast growing  

Red eden climbing roses are often used to decorate courtyards, terraces and balconies. Its growth rate is very fast. It only takes one year to grow a flood. If it is growed for three years and it grows from a seedling, it can even grow to six meters height. The height of the crown can reach five meters, and it is very easy to cover the walls.

how fast does eden climbing rose grow

Long flower blooming period

The eden climbing roses can bloom for ten months and can bloom in different seasons, including winter. The blooms of this flower are very prolific, and every branch is covered with flowers. Moreover, if it is its most prosperous time, and it is the most noticeable existence. Its branches are strong and powerful, and the leaves are also shiny and shiny, always looking very energetic.

red eden climbing rose reviews

Easy to care

This climbing rose is not easy to be sick or infested with insects, and it can resist the invasion of black spots, powdery mildew and other diseases, but it has nothing to do with thrips, and people can only do preventive work in advance. If you want to make it less worm disease, you need to water and fertilize it in time, keep the air flowing, and don’t let it grow in a place with poor ventilation.

rosa red climber

Can grow under high or low temperature

The red eden climbing rose is very sun-resistant and not afraid of heat, and it can be opened correctly in summer, which is rare. Therefore, in some areas with high summer heat and harsh sunshine, this climbing rose is simply a blessing, and people love it very much. Of course, it can also withstand the low temperature of minus five degrees celsius. 

After you read our article about the pros and methods of planting red eden, you will know how to plant and whether you will choose to plant.

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