How to use ten best wall stickers to beautify your white wall?

This article mainly introduces how to use wall stickers and how to use these ten best wall stickers to beautify the white walls of your home.

The wall stickers come in a variety of patterns, and they are very personal when they are attached to the wall. Wall stickers are simple and convenient to use, and now the materials of wall stickers are more environmentally friendly. The children’s room is more suitable for wall stickers, decorating the space with some cartoon images full of childlike innocence. The new type of wall sticker is also easy to remove after sticking. The wall skin will not be pulled off during the tearing process to damage the wall surface, and the price is not high. Let me show you how to use wall stickers.

How to use wall stickers?

1. Before starting to post, please prepare some tools: scissors, knife, card or bank card. Firstly, cut off the excess blank part around the pattern with scissors, so that it is easier to paste.

2. Stick the transfer film on the pattern, and use a card or bank card to scrape back and forth on the transfer film several times to make the pattern and the transfer film stick together better, and there will be no air bubbles after sticking to the wall.

  • Gently peel off the patterned transfer film from the backing paper of the pattern. If the pattern is not stuck to the transfer film, you can use a knife to assist. When sticking a pattern with a larger area, the pattern can be reversed, and the backing paper of the pattern can be torn away from the transfer film and pattern; Before that,  leftover material cut from the transfer film to test a corner of wall, make sure that the wall is no problem and then paste it. If the wall is over-powdered or sticks together with the wall paint when the transfer film is removed, please dispose of it before sticking it.
  • When sticking the pattern, you can stick one corner of the transfer film to the wall firstly, then slowly stick the patterned transfer film on the wall in the downward direction, and then use the card to move from the middle of the pattern to the surrounding area. Make a few strokes in the direction to make the wall sticker stick to the wall better.
  • When tearing the transfer film away from the wall, try to be as slow as possible. You can tear off the transfer film while pressing the pattern, but do not tear off the pattern together.

6. When the task is completed, you can sit aside and enjoy the wall stickers that you have pasted yourself.

How to use these ten best wall stickers to beautify the white walls of your home?

Sometimes the white wall looks monotonous when there is no pattern, and sticking some wall stickers makes the white and dull wall come to life immediately.

Eagle wall sticker

Transform your room with freshly printed eagle. Always emit high energy to you and your families.

Horse wall sticker

The horse wall sticker is suitable for bedroom, nursery wall, living room, art room, classroom, window decoration or somewhere you want to decorate.

horse wall sticker

Lion wall sticker

Put Simba lion wall sticker for your living room or bedroom. Simba lion emits bravery to people.

Map wall sticker

Paste map wall sticker in your living room or reading room. You can know the location of each country worldwide clearly.

map wall sticker

Large elephant wall sticker

Elephants can bring auspiciousness to the world, and elephants are peaceful in the world. Elephants represent a peaceful and happy life. Elephants also symbolize strength. They breathe strong air, but their bodies are like mountains. If the elephant wall stickers are attached to the living room, office, and study room at home, it can strengthen the power of sitting.

large elephant wall sticker

Rainbow wall sticker

Every parent wants their child to grow up in a good environment. The atmosphere brought by the decoration of the home is very important. Choose rainbow wall stickers at home. Every time the rainbow of nature appears, it will make people stop and watch, not to mention children who are new to the world. Children are like butterflies, they are born to like gorgeous colors, and the rainbow wall stickers containing seven pigments of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and purple are undoubtedly suitable for children’s tastes.

rainbow wall sticker

Unicorn wall sticker

The unicorn also represents the loyalty of love and the meaning of purity in the heart. It is especially suitable for gifting to the person you like. It means pure and firm feelings, and can express your heart for the person you like. Posting at home can also increase your love fortune.

Wall clock sticker

If you are worried about the white wall, you can choose a wall clock sticker, enjoy the fun of DIY with your family!

Fireplace wall sticker

Make your space unique and create a strong Christmas atmosphere. 

Peacock wall sticker

Position it at the living room or bedroom. Just like get near touch with this bird.

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