How to plant iceberg climbing roses and bloom a flower wall on your balcony?

This article mainly introduces the iceberg climbing rose, how to raise a iceberg climbing rose to bloom a flower sea on your balcony.

To have a flower wall is believed to be the dream of all flower lovers. Friends who have a yard at home can easily achieve it. Just plant a few roses, clematis, etc. to do it. Today, I will show you how to plant icebery climbing roses in balcony. 

  1. Iceberg climbing
  2. How to plant iceberg climbing roses on the balcony to bloom a sea of flowers?

Iceberg climbing

This flower is called “Iceberg Climbing”. It is a pure white rose from the United Kingdom. It is derived from the bud of the famous rose variety “Iceberg”. The most popular white climbing roses on the market are strong and strong, and are very suitable for flower arches or flower walls. Because of their good performance in all aspects, they are very popular.

white iceberg climbing rose

Growing strong

The iceberg climbing rose is a large climbing rose. The plant is tall and can grow up to seven or eight meters high. It has strong climbing ability and excellent branching. The horizontal pulling canopy can also reach four or five meters wide. Large, bright green leaves, evergreen in the south of the Yangtze River, almost no thorns on the body, and also very adaptable to planting in flowerpots, strong plasticity, can be raised as small vines, can also be grown as shrubs, and even can be planted on balconies , gardening has a wide range of applications and is suitable for a variety of scene layouts.

The flowers are beautiful

The flowers of iceberg climbing rose follow the “small and fresh” route. The color is pure white. Only the stamens of the flowers are creamy yellow. The outer petals are white and elegant. There are not many petals. It is plump and has a faint rose fragrance. Although it does not have the bright red and purple color of other roses, it has a unique and delicate beauty. The flowers are immortal, otherworldly and very beautiful.

climbing rose iceberg

Full of flowers

The “face value” of a single flower is not low, but the iceberg climbing rose is still a very flowery variety. The amount of flowers is very large, and the multi-head cluster is open. One branch is a bunch of flowers, and each branch has buds when it is in full bloom , it is easy to bloom a tree, and even more flowers than leaves, it is easy to open a grand occasion of “seeing flowers but not leaves”, easily giving you a white flower wall, which can create a beautiful and romantic mood, and is an excellent material for making flower walls .

Repeat blooming in multiple seasons

In terms of flowering, iceberg climbing rose is also a multi-season repeat blooming variety. With proper care, it can bloom all year round. Among them, the wave of flowers in spring is the largest, and it will explode again in autumn. It can also bloom sporadically in summer and winter. Flower vision is actually much longer than common vines such as clematis.

climbing white iceberg rose

The skin is strong and strong.

Of course, in order to make it burst into bloom, at least two points need to be done: 1. Sufficient sunshine time, climbing roses generally like sunshine and sunshine. Long-term lack of light can easily lead to leggy, less flowering or even no flowering; ② Apply thin fertilizers frequently. Practice has proved that regular fertilization of roses can effectively prolong the flowering period and increase the amount of flowers. Compound fertilizers containing phosphorus and potassium are preferred, especially phosphoric acid. Flower-promoting fertilizers such as potassium dihydrogen and Austrian green are more effective. It can be watered with water, 1000:1, and watered once a week.

How to plant iceberg climbing roses on the balcony to bloom a sea of flowers?

How difficult is it to maintain such an excellent plant? The answer is that it is very easy to maintain. The variety of iceberg is very adaptable to the environment. Needless to say, the cold tolerance ability, mature plants can also spend the winter in the open field, the cold tolerance ability is also good, and they can bloom normally. It has strong disease resistance. As long as the growth environment has light and good ventilation, it will basically not get sick, and it will not provoke insects very much. It is not the kind of “medicine pot” variety, and novice flower lovers can also raise it well.

iceberg rose climbing

Conditionally planted, find a sunny place, dig a hole and plant it, and the water and fertilizer will serve it, and it will soon grow up. It is better to use a bracket or a grid. For potted plants in the balcony family, choose larger pots as much as possible, prune them frequently. They can perform well in indoor south balconies and other places. It is no problem to open a small-scale flower wall.

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