How to use climbing rose laguna to style a yard flower wall?

This article mainly introduces how to plant and maintain the climbing rose laguna, how the climbing rose laguna builds the flower wall, what are the common climbing rose laguna varieties, and how a great stretch of climbing rose laguna calms our restless hearts.

  1. How to plant and maintain the climbing rose laguna?
  2. How does climbing rose laguna style a flower wall?
  3. The most popular flowers for “rookie flower lovers”
  4. What are the common laguna climbing rose varieties?
  5. How does a great stretch of climbing rose laguna soothe our restless hearts
climbing rose laguna

How to plant and maintain the climbing rose laguna?

Although laguna climbing roses are taller and have more blooms, they are also easier to grow than cineraria, white crystal chrysanthemum, phalaenopsis, desert rose and other flowers. The climbing rose laguna does not require high soil requirements. It only needs to fertilize the soil before planting. In general, choose a fertilizer rich in potassium and pay attention to the permeability of the soil. The seedling stage successfully took root and survived.

Potted plants or ground plants are two common ways to grow climbing rose laguna. This kind of flower likes to climb, so no matter what kind of planting method, we need to build a flower stand around the plant to facilitate the smooth growth of the rosewood branches. Building a flower stand only requires simple bamboo strips, which is very convenient in practice.   

Laguna climbing roses are easy to grow and better care for. Laguna climbing roses do not have too many requirements on temperature. When the laguna climbing roses are grown outdoors, when the temperature reaches below zero, the trunk of the plant needs to be physically protected, and the potted plants only need to be moved indoors. In addition, when planting laguna climbing rose, it is necessary to control the water and does not cause root rot by flooding.

In addition, autumn and winter are the best seasons for top dressing of climbing rose laguna. At this time, we can synchronize watering and fertilizing, so as to meet the needs of plant growth and flowering in the following year, and to make it overwinter smoothly.

With its tenacious vitality, tall branches, fragrant flowers, tender branches, and graceful posture, the climbing rose laguna has been loved by more and more flower lovers, whether it is a potted plant or directly planted in the garden. 

How does climbing rose laguna style a flower wall?

In my small yard, I can see many flowers and plants of different colors and shapes, such as orchids and forgetfulness. These are the flowers I grow, but I also plant a flower called “climbing rose laguna”, which is amazing when it blooms, and a wall is full of climbing roses. I am an office worker, and I don’t have much time to manage the flowers in the small courtyard on weekdays, so how do I have this garden full of flowers? The answer is not mysterious at all, because the rose roses that bloom the most do not require too much manual care, they are easy to plant and feed, they are also cold and drought tolerance, and do not require special water and fertilizer management. Therefore, office workers can also grow roses!

rosa laguna climbing rose

The climbing rose laguna is relatively common around the world, which also shows that this flowering plant has a strong adaptability. Compared with petunia, crabapple, periwinkle and those difficult-to-plant flowers, climbing rose laguna do not require very high soil, water, or even temperature. In other words, “as long as they are planted in the soil, they can survive.”

The climbing rose laguna is actually called “climbing rose laguna” by everyone. Its branches are very soft and slender, and can grow up to 5-10 meters long. The slender vines are very suitable for climbing. Therefore, laguna climbing roses are often planted near walls. As long as the environment is suitable, it can cover a whole wall in a short time.

What are the common laguna climbing rose varieties?

The laguna climbing rose is a member of the big family of roses. In addition to the laguna climbing rose, there are tree roses, erect roses and etc of rose family. There are big differences:  laguna climbing roses are moderate, suitable for planting in small yards; Tree roses are the tallest, and many are on both sides of urban sidewalks; Upright rose plants are the smallest, suitable for planting on balconies.

There are also many classifications of laguna climbing roses, such as the common Angela, purple robe jade belt, double-petaled white wood and etc. They have different colors. The common colors of white, yellow, pink and red are dotted on the dark green leaves, which is pleasing to the eye. The moderately sized plants also make the laguna climbing rose more appear in gardens, courtyards and other environments.

climbing rose laguna

How does a great stretch of climbing rose laguna soothe our restless hearts

The fast-paced city makes everyone feel under pressure. Many people have to face many problems in life and work, which makes people physically and mentally exhausted, so more and more people like to be in their own room. Plant some flowers and plants in it, and everyone can relieve anxiety by planting flowers and plants. I also plant flowers and plants to soothe the mood.

Life requires us to carve it by ourselves. It is impossible for everyone to have a small courtyard, but we can plant our favorite flowers in our own space, plant a climbing rose laguna, invite three or five friends and smell it together. It is such a pleasant life to smell the fragrance of climbing rose laguna and taste the tea!

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