Those pros and cons of red pierre de ronsard climbing rose you should know before planting

This piece intends to introduce pros and cons of red pierre de ronsard climbing rose. Read our reivews and analysis so that you can consider whether you should buy this bush and grow in your garden.

  1. Rapid growth
  2. The bush is huge
  3. Fragrant
  4. Very heat resistant
  5. Not resistant to rainy
  6. The branches are hard

The climbing rose is more and more popular among flower lovers, because it has a large amount of flowers. As long as there is soil and space to plant, it can bloom a lot of flowers in the second year. The red pierre de ronsard climbing rose is a kind of vine rose that is widely planted. Today, I will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of pierre de ronsard red climbing rose:

1. Rapid growth

The growth of climbing rose red pierre de ronsard is relatively fast, especially the bamboo shoots emerging from the bottom, which are the same every day. Even if you buy small seedlings, it is easy to produce results, which will give flower lovers greater confidence in maintenance. In addition, the plants of climbing rose red pierre de ronsard are relatively strong, and even the toothpick seedlings from cuttings do not look thin and weak, and are easy to plant.

2. The bush is huge

The rows of red eden rose climber are very large, and the adult plants can grow to three to five meters high and more than two meters wide. So if there is enough space in the home, planting a red eden rose climber is a flower wall. Of course, if planted on the balcony, flower lovers can control the plant type by pruning, so that it grows smaller and takes up less space. In general, red eden rose climbers are more suitable for planting. If the space is too small, it is recommended to choose similar and small varieties.

red eden rose bush

3. Fragrant

The aroma of rose red eden climber is strong and sweet. If there is only one flower, you will smell sweet when you walk in. If a tree blooms, it can really fill the garden with fragrance. Therefore, if you like scented roses, don’t miss the rose red eden climber.

4. Very heat resistant

Many climbing roses can’t bloom beautiful flowers when the weather is hot, only spring flowers and autumn flowers can be beautiful. But red eden rose climbers are different, they are very heat-resistant. Even in equatorial regions, summer flowers are also beautiful. Therefore, if you are located in a hot area and have a long summer, if you want a heat-resistant rose, choose the red eden rose climber, you will not be disappointed.

5, Not resistant to rainy

Red pierre de ronsard climbing roses are heat-resistant but not resistant to rain. If it encounters continuous rainy days, the flowers are difficult to open, and they are always a bun, and then rot, wither and wither. Therefore, flower lovers who are located in rainy areas and want to buy red red pierre de ronsard climbing roses should take this into consideration. Many red pierre de ronsard climbing rose bought by flower lovers were eventually discarded because the flowers could not be opened, because the rotten and yellowed red buns of a tree are really not beautiful.

6, The branches are hard

The pierre de ronsard red climbing roses are very hard because of the large rows and fast growth, so the branches are relatively hard, and the uprightness is good but the softness is not enough, which brings some troubles to our modeling. If you want to shape, do it as early as possible before the branches are completely lignified.

In general, the red pierre de ronsard climbing rose is a very good variety of roses. The color is bright, and it is a good decoration with other roses. In addition, red pierre de ronsard climbing rose are more resistant to barrenness, and can grow well even if the soil is not fertile.

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