How to grow lavender climbing rose in garden for realizing purple fairy world?

Lavender climbing rose can not only climb the vines quickly, but can also produce a huge amount of flowers, meanwhile it has no thorns and is not easy to get sick. This article mainly introduces the lavender climbing rose plant, lists the advantages and disadvantages of lavender climbing rose plant and show care skills of this flower.

Table of contents:

  1. Introduction of lavender crush climbing rose
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of lavender climbing rose  
  3. Lavender crush climbing rose care
lavender rose plant

Introduction of lavender crush climbing rose

The lavender climbing rose is a blue-purple climbing rose. Although the information introduction is a small vine, the lavender climbing rose is a veritable big vine, which grows very vigorously, and the length of the branches can easily reach 3 meters. Lavender climbing roses belong to the type of blooming climbing rose. In spring, the flowers are huge and blooming in groups. The flowers are not big, only about 6cm, but the long clusters are very beautiful. The lavender climbing rose  has thin, almost thornless branches, which is very easy to shape, and is very comfortable to pull, and you don’t have to worry about getting thorns at all.

Rosa lavenders are shade-tolerant and shade loving climbing roses but not sun-resistant varieties. In summer, the leaves are prone to sunburn, but this will not affect their growth at all. If this lavender climbing rose is in a sheltered place, it can also grow and bloom very well.

Lavender climbing roses are a variety that blooms in large quantities in spring, with fewer blooms in summer and autumn, and the flowers are easy to wilt in the strong sun. 

This plant can be growed at zone 6 or 7, the temperature in the northern hemisphere is relatively low, the color and pattern of the lavender climbing roses will be more standard and beautiful, and the flowers will be blue-purple. In areas with high temperature, the flowers are prone to pinkish, but whether it is blue-purple or pink, they are definitely very good.

Lavender rose color under the camera lense is very dreamy. The lavender climbing rose is very adaptable, has almost no pests and diseases, and grows vigorously. It can also be trimmed into low shrubs or used as hedges.

Advantages and disadvantages of lavender climbing rose  

Advantages: blooms elegantly, can open in multiple heads, the color of the flowers is that rare blue-purple, and the flowers are very large when in bloom. Purple lavender crush climbing rose plant, also known as lavender bouquet, has blue-purple flowers with a flower diameter of 6 cm, multiple blooms, a large number of flowers, repeated blooms in multiple seasons, and rosettes, almost thornless, grow rapidly, and have good disease resistance. The color is classic, noble and elegant, full of high-end sense.

Lavender crush climbing rose care

Light: Plant near the east wall where the light is not very strong. Lavender climbing roses are not very sun-resistant. We are in the northern hemisphere, and the temperature in summer is not very high, so it is very suitable for the growth of lavender climbing rose by the east wall, the opening of a stalk is very good.

Diligent pruning: Lavender climbing rose grows very fast. In order to promote its branching and prevent leggy growth, it is necessary to prune frequently and cut off the withered branches, which not only cares the plant shape, but also promotes flowering.

Fertilization: Use ternary compound fertilizer and phosphorus and potassium fertilizer at the same time. After the spring, the fertilization is mainly phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, and nitrogen fertilizer is less. I use decomposed sheep manure once a month, bury it directly next to the root system, and irrigate the roots directly with the main phosphorus-potassium compound fertilizer.

Pruning: The climbing rose has strong vitality, high adaptability to the environment, long flower cycle, large number and mellow flower fragrance, so it is widely planted. In order to make the rose bloom more enthusiastically, we should make good use of its peak flowering season, inhibit the vertical growth of the rose branches, and produce more branches and flower buds to achieve the effect of more flowers. When the climbing rose begins to sprout and grow, timely human intervention is required to pull up the branches horizontally. Specifically, the branches of the vines are fixed with the help of the ground or flower stand, and vertical growth is prohibited. In this way, other new buds also have the opportunity to obtain nutrients to grow upward. The more the number of blooms, the more branches, the more buds and the buds. At the same time, it is more convenient to shape and plasticize, making it more beautiful. 

Lavender climbing rose has a strong vitality and does not require special care, but if you want to bloom more flowers, you must pay more attention to planting. Sufficient sunlight, water, and fertilizer are essential for the climbing roses that are just starting to grow. Also pay attention to pruning branches, erasing flower buds, and shaping branches.

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