Eight classic purple climbing roses to beautify your garden

This piece will list introduction of eight classic purple climbing roses. After you read, you will know their advantages and disadvantages.

Angel face rose is a relatively rare blue – purple variety. Its flowers are a mixture of
lavender, lavender or purple-red, with wavy lace and strong citrus fruity aroma. It is a very flowering variety. Moreover, its disease resistance, heat resistance, and drought
tolerance make it a very good vine rose variety.

Angel face rose

Rainy blue is a new kind of climbing rose in 2012. It is from Germany. The flowers of
rainy blue are lavender colors. The flowers are not big, only 6cm, double petals, with a faint fragrance. It blooms continuously for many seasons and has a large amount of
flowers , frequent flowers and small leaves; Blue rainy flowers are not particularly
gorgeous and attractive, its flowers are elegant and have a light fragrance.

rainy blue rose

Jasmina, also known as Lovely Paradise, is a large-flowered vine rose from Germany. Its flowers are purple and pink, the petals are white, and the middle is pink and purple. The flowers are about 7 cm long. The fragrance is medium and it has many seasons flowering and multi-headed, Jasmina has thick branches, fast growth, and has very good resistance to black spot and black mold.

Charles de Mills is a very, very old vine rose variety, which originated in the Netherlands. It was discovered before 1790. The specific time of discovery is unknown. Its flowers are a kind of purple-red or purple-red mixed color, and the flowers are about 12 centimeters in size. Charles de mill has only one season of flowers, which open in spring or summer, and are prone to mold. Currently, there are relatively few plants and few are sold on the market.

Charles de Mills

Blue Monday is a vine rose variety launched in the United States in 1981. It is a budding variety of Blue Monday. Its flower shape and fragrance are the same as Blue Monday, but the flower color is purple, and it is disease-resistant. It is better than Blue Moon, and it is the best choice for lovers of blue-purple and fragrant Chinese roses.

Roger Lambelin is a climbing rose worth buying for novice friends. Roger Lambelin is a flowering machine that continues to bloom for many seasons and has a large amount of flowers. The flowers are red with pink and white edges, like a fairy wearing a purple robe.

The effect of making flower stand arches is very good. Purple Robe Jade Belt has a
strong fragrance and bright colors, which is very suitable for flower lovers who like the fragrance and beauty of flowers.

Ziyu Rose is one of the relatively ancient Chinese rose varieties. It has purple flowers
with medium fragrance and large clusters. It only has one season of flowers. The
flowering period is in late spring and early summer. The flower diameter is about 8cm and it grows fast. Ziyu is one of the few surviving ancient Chinese roses. It is also a very rare purple variety with strong tillering ability and fast growth.

Lavender rose is a relatively seldom-used blue vine rose variety. It has lavender flowers, small flowers, and can bloom in multiple seasons. Lavender rose loves light, but it is not resistant to strong sunlight, and it is easy to burn when the temperature is too high.

Lavender rose

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