Nine popular purple climbings to help you style a private garden

Rose is one of the most popular flowers and always planted in yard, because it is easy to maintain and has beautiful flowers. In recent years, the most popular flower is the climbing rose. Due to the attachment of branches, it is often planted under walls, fences or corridors to form flower walls, flower galleries and other decorative courtyards. Today we are going to introduce nine popular purple climbing roses. This article will introduce the pros and cons of nine purple climbing roses.

  1. Eternal Lavender Rose
  2. Lavender Bouquet
  3. Tiara
  4. Scenta
  5. Blue Moon
  6. Moody Blues
  7. Ocean Song
  8. Blue rainy
  9. Blue for you

Eternal Lavender Rose

Eternal lavender rose, also known as eternal purple, has light gray-purple flowers with a diameter of 4-5 cm. It has a light and mild fragrance. It has many flowers and frequent flowers. It has good uprightness. It blooms repeatedly in multiple seasons. The flower shape is elegant and loose. It is very special as a cut flower rose.

Variety parameters: English name Eternal Lavender, very double 41+ petals, advanced garden series.

Pros and cons: The pros is that the color is very special. The cons is that there are fewer petals, and the first flowers are small and ugly.

purple climbing rose

Lavender Bouquet

Variety parameters: English name Lavender Bouquet, thin branches, multi-season flowering, cultivated in Germany in 2003.

Pros and cons: The pros is that it blooms elegantly, can open multiple heads, the color of the flowers is that rare blue-purple, and the flower volume is large when it is in full bloom. The cons is that it has no fragrance, is not light-resistant, and is a bit lazy. If it is not properly maintained, it will have lush branches and leaves and a small amount of flowers.

climbing purple roses


Tiara, blue-purple flowers, flower diameter 8-10 cm, light fruit fragrance, cut flower rose, multi-season repeated flowering, frequent flowers, single flowering period 10 days, plant height 90-120 cm.

Variety parameters: English name Tiara, double petals, bred by JanSpek in the Netherlands, also known as the Forbidden City or Roman bride.

Pros and cons: The pros are charming retro color, stunning spring flowers, purple color in spring and autumn, and strong reflowering ability.


Scenta is a purple flower rose with creamy white stripes. Its flowers are 6-8 cm in size. The flowers are not big, but they bloom in multiple heads.

Variety Parameters:

English Name: Scenta

Japanese Name: センティッドジュエル

Features: Unknown

Flower Type: Double Flower

Color: Purple, Creamy White Stripes

Fragrance: Strong Fragrance

Disease resistance: Yes

Cold resistance: Unknown

Heat resistance: Unknown

Country of origin: Netherlands Year of cultivation: 2014

The overall evaluation of flower lovers on fragrant gemstones is not too high. There are two main reasons. One is that the planting management needs to be more precise, and they are prone to red spiders and powdery mildew. But its flowers are actually very beautiful and a very frequent flower variety.

How tall can Scenta grow? Scenta roses are generally about 80-100 centimeters high, potted plants should be relatively lower, and ground plants should be higher.

The pros of Scenta is that it has a very strong fragrance when it blooms. It can also bloom multiple times throughout the year. It has good disease resistance. The cons is that it needs to be cultivated carefully.

Blue Moon

Variety parameters: Blue moon is a very old blue rose. Its flowers are light blue-purple and have a strong fragrance. The number of petals is small but relatively tight. The flower shape is tall and curled, and the flowers are large. Flowers is up to 15 cm, very beautiful, can be used for potted plants or garden planting ornamental.

What are the pros and cons of blue moon rose?

Pros of blue moon Rose:

Flower type: The color of the flowers is bright and beautiful, the color of the flowers varies between deep purple and purple red, and the petals have a velvety texture.

Long flowering period: It is open in multiple seasons and has a long flowering period, and it can continue to bloom throughout the flowering period.

Fragrance: The floral fragrance is strong, with a very strong clove and spice fragrance, which gives people a refreshing feeling.

Disease resistance: The ability to resist diseases is moderate, and it can still avoid the invasion of many diseases under normal maintenance.

Flower abundance: It has good flower abundance, can bloom in groups of multiple heads, and the flower volume will be relatively large when it blooms.

Cons of blue moon rose:

The main disadvantage is that the petals are a bit small, and the stamens will leak out after fully opening, which looks ugly.

Is the micro-blue rose a climbing rose or a shrub

The micro-blue rose is a kind of shrub plant, because this kind of rose is relatively tall, and it can reach a height of about 120-150 cm if it is properly maintained, and it can also bloom repeatedly throughout the year. There are so many advantages of the plant. It has strong disease resistance, fast growth, and is very heat-resistant. The disadvantage is that the plant is relatively large, with a plant height of about 1-1.2 meters. For the balcony party, the difficulty of planting is relatively large.

Moody Blues

Variety parameters: Moody Blues, breeding: New Zealand in 1991, Samuel Darragh McGredy, McGredy Roses International (New Zealand) launched in New Zealand in 1991 under the name Moody Blues.

Category: Floribunda.

A mix of lavender or purple. Mild fragrance. 40 petals. Average diameter 7cm, large, full double (26-40 petals), small to large clusters, classic hybrid tea bloom form. Blooms repeatedly throughout the seasons.

Branches medium, dense. The leaves are large, semi-glossy, and medium green.

Pros and cons:

Moody Blues has a light mild fragrance, and it is also very diligent in flowering, with strong disease resistance. The branches of moody blues are very thick, and can grow as long as its flowers. The overall growth of moody blues is very vigorous, although the late flowers are some fading, the overall growth process is very vigorous and strong. Thus, it is worth having.

Ocean Song

Ocean Song, blue-purple flowers, flower diameter 8-10 cm, cut flower rose, cup-shaped flower shape, sweet fragrance, multi-season repeated flowering, dreamy flower color, plant height 50-80 cm, erect flower stem, fast growth, used for potted or cut roses.

Variety parameters: English name Ocean Song, cut flower hybrid tea rose, double petals 17-25 petals, double to semi-double petals, launched in Tantau, Germany in 2004.

Pros and cons: The pros is that the language of flowers is the guardian of eternal love, and you can often find it in flower shops; It is a blue variety that is very easy to grow, and it is not easy to get white powder; It needs a lot of sunshine, and it is recommended to plant it in the courtyard or terrace, which can cure depression. The cons is that if the temperature is too high, it will affect the flower pattern.

Blue rainy

purple climber rose

Variety parameters: Rainy Blue, 50-60 double petals, small dark green leaves, bred in Tantau, Germany in 2012, also known as Blue Rain.

Pros and cons: The pros is that the flowers are unique in color, simple and elegant, bursting spectacularly, and the faint fragrance is fascinating. The flowering period is spring and autumn. The cons is that it is afraid of heat, there are few flowers in summer, and it is easy to disperse; The uprightness is poor, and it is not suitable for potted plants; It is generally resistant to shade, so it should be planted in a sunny environment. The flowers of rainy blue are purple. There are no blue flowers in the rose varieties, and the rose varieties with blue letters are mostly light purple.

climbing rose purple climber

Blue for you

Rose is not only a traditional famous flower here, but also a famous ornamental flower and tree in the world. It has many varieties and a wide range of applications, and is deeply loved by flower lovers at home and abroad. Today, I would like to introduce you to an excellent variety of Chinese rose. It not only has beautiful flowers and pleasant fragrance, but also has a very good fragrance. It can be planted in courtyards and balconies.

Variety parameters: This kind of flower is called “Blue Dream” and the English name is “blue for you”. It is less than ten years ago. A few years ago, a seedling could cost hundreds of dollars. It was a veritable “expensive product”. In the past two years, it has gradually dropped, but at present, there are not many flower lovers to plant in China. However, it will become popular in the following years.

Pros and cons:

The pros is that the old roses are fragrant, frequent flowers, the color is very close to blue at low temperature, the growth rate is fast, and the group planting is very eye-catching. The cons is that the edges will be burnt in one day, and the temperature is high and the color is pink, so it is suitable for a semi-shady environment.

After reading the above nine kinds of purple climbing roses and their pros and cons, choosing one of them to plant in the yard may help you create a purple dream world.

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