Can climbing roses be planted in pots?

Climbing rose is a very popular flower variety, often used to make flower walls in yard, garden or road. When they are blooming at season, flower output is very large. However, climbing rose always grow quickly and spread many stems, is it difficulty to adapt to the pot. Yeah, but that doesn’t mean you cannot grow in pots. Today, we will introduce how to plant climbing roses in pots.

  1. Choose the frequent-flowering varieties.
  2. Pruning the vines on the balcony.
  3. Fertilization.
  4. Reasonable sunlight and good sunlight can make the climbing rose bloom luxuriantly.
  5. Methods of climbing rose nematode control

Choose the frequent-flowering varieties.

The balcony space is limited. When planting climbing rose, you must choose the frequent-flowering variety with small flowering. The flowers can bloom continuously so that the flower pots can be full of flowers. You can’t choose those that bloom into trees, which will lose their ornamental value. Now the flowering climbing roses have pink eden climbing rose, red eden climbing rose and lady of shalott. You can choose small seedlings to plant.

Can climbing roses be planted in pots?

Pruning the vines on the balcony.

This rose needs to be pruned regularly. If the branches continue to grow, the shape of the flower pot will deteriorate. Only by pruning the shape continuously, removing the old and keeping the new, can we ensure continuous flowering and high ornamental value. Pruning of diseased branches, weak branches, cross branches, yellow leaves, flowering residual branches and etc. can create different flower patterns. By pulling horizontally, a small flower wall can be formed. If there are many vine roses cultivated, it is best to prune them into shrubs for easy maintenance.


In order to make the vines bloom more, it is necessary to apply heavy fertilizers, and there are many restrictions on fertilization on the balcony. Generally, more decomposed organic fertilizers are applied, and less slow-release fertilizers are applied. Moreover, too much slow-release fertilizer may cause soil compaction. Small vine roses are repotted once a year, and large plants are repotted every other year. After repotting, organic base fertilizer should be applied. If slow-release fertilizers are used without repotting, the growth and flowering performance will often be poor.

can you grow a climbing rose in a large pot

Reasonable sunlight and good sunlight can make the climbing rose bloom luxuriantly.

The sunlight should be no less than four hours a day. If the sunlight is sufficient, the flowering performance will be better. Ventilation is easy to be ignored by flower lovers, and it is easy to cause black spots on the climbing rose disease and spider mite, ensure ventilation, you can reduce the occurrence of this situation.

Methods of climbing rose nematode control

  • Firstly, we must start from the seedlings. The rootstocks should be soaked in 45% of 1000-fold solution of methionium for 30 minutes. The land for planting seedlings should adopt crop rotation;
  • The soil should be disinfected before the greenhouse is replanted;
  • There are Tiemiike, Kexiandan, etc. to kill nematodes.

So far, the tutorials on how to plant climbing roses in pots is here. If you want to grow climbibg roses well, you must do a good job in scientific management.

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