What is the best scented climbing rose? Nine best scent climbing rose list.

This piece introduces nine best scented climbing rose list. If you love strong flower scent, you can choose one type to plant.

  1. Introduction
  2. Nine best scented climbing rose list


Many flower lovers who like to grow flowers, when building a garden for their own small yard, they firstly consider using climbing roses to weave flower walls or flower stands, flower arches and so on. The reason is that the climbing rose not only has many flowers and large flowers, but also has a long flowering period and can bloom for three seasons. In addition to these well-known advantages, the most worth mentioning is that there are many good-smelling and very strong-smelling varieties in climbing roses, all of which are mixed with various fragrances. Blessed are flower lovers who like to smell roses. Let me take a look at the rose varieties with strong scent in climbing rose. As for what is the best scented climbing close depends on your need.

Nine best scented climbing rose list

  1. Amnesty International Rose

Born in Delbard, France in 2015, not only the flower color is lemon yellow, but also the floral fragrance is a lemon-flavored aroma. The aroma is strong, fresh and has some mature romance, which is very lovable. Its petals can reach more than 41 petals, and it does not have the problem of drooping heads of many rose flowers.

  1. Abraham Darby Rose

It was bred by Austin, England in 1985. It has a fruity aroma and a combination of apricot and yellow flowers. The large cup-shaped flowers can reach a diameter of 13 cm, and its resistance is also very good. It is a very heat-resistant rose flower, which is more suitable for planting in the ground, and the effect of group blooming is very good.

  1. Golden Celebration Rose
david austin roses golden celebration
  1. Silk Garment

Silk garment is bred by our own breeding experts. The advantages are, large flowers, strong fragrance and frequent flowers. When silk garment blooms, it is pink. When the weather gradually cools, its flower color will change to lavender, and it will bloom in multiple heads. Its floral fragrance is fruity, a mixture of rose and myrrh. It has excellent disease resistance and is worth starting.

  1. Jude the Obscure

Jude the Obscure can be cultivated as a vine, or pruned into a variety of shrubs, or potted, which is the gospel of the balcony planting. The flowering period is very long and very durable. The flower color is apricot yellow, but the edge is light yellow. The floral aroma is a fruity aroma, mixed with the aroma of white wine, which smells very sweet.

  1. The Generous Gardener

It is also a climbing and shrub rose variety bred in Austin, England, but its excellent climbing ability is used for the cultivation of climbing roses. Its flower color is pink and its fragrance is strong. It is a mixture of rose, musk and myrrh. , is one of the most fragrant rose varieties in the UK, and has excellent disease resistance.

  1. Yves Piaget

The biggest advantage of Yves Piaget rose is not the fragrance of flowers, but its excellent growth rate. It grows very fast and is the best choice for making arches and flower walls. There are two types of flowers, pink and purple, and flowers with a diameter of 14 cm can be produced, but they are not heat-resistant, and shade is needed in summer, otherwise the flowers will scatter.

  1. Spirit of Freedom

It is another rose produced in Austin. It has a pink color and is a large vine. It is not a problem to grow several meters high. It is also relatively heat-resistant. It is a good choice for planting in the south. It can be smelled a few hundred meters away, and it is a good ground rose variety.

spirit of freedom rose
  1. Scepter’d Isle

A rose that was bred in the UK in 1997. Many flower lovers who have seen or raised the Island of Wands rose feel that the flowers of the Island of Wands are very fairy-like, which is why everyone likes it. Pink flowers are characterised by a strong myrrh scent, etremely fast growing, very disease resistant and diligent flowerer, their petals are very similar to Angela’s.

These 9 climbing roses are not ranked. No matter which one is an excellent garden flower, as long as it is well maintained, it will become your favorite one.

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